• Loyal VC

    A new approach to venture capital

  • Evergreen

    Loyal VC is an evergreen fund. Investors can buy in or sell out when the fund reprices every quarter. Since LP exits are no longer tied to company exits, entrepreneurs get a fund whose long term viewpoint matches theirs and investors get a fund that optimizes returns by selling at the best price, not the earliest.

  • Global Sourcing

    Entrepreneurial talent is not restricted to a specific region, country or industry. We partner with global organizations who have a deep understanding of the best local early stage companies. Then we leverage their networks to source diverse, pre-vetted, worthy founders.

  • Merit-Based

    We give companies a chance to prove themselves, whether they have rich friends and family or not, by investing early. We invest more based on what companies deliver over months, not how they pitch. Perhaps as a result, the fund invests in both women and men CEOs (40% female CEOs to date), in industries ranging from blockchain and AI to social ventures and biotech.

  • Rules-Driven

    Loyal’s goal is consistent, strong portfolio returns. That means giving up the belief that the future is predictable, and using strict rules to ensure agile, smart decisions as each portfolio company develops. All companies start with a 3-10+ month paid diligence period, during which we gather data. Four stages follow: $200K, $1M, $3M and $6M with up to a third of the companies at each stage moving on to the next, based on how they perform.

  • Aligned Interests

    Our founding partners have decades of experience as entrepreneurs, angel investors (3.3 - 4.4x personal ROI) and designing and running accelerator programs.

    We have built the fund we wished we could take money from as entrepreneurs. We have built an advisor offer, including sharing carry, that we would say yes to as busy advisors. We have fund terms, and fees, that we would say yes to, as angels who invest directly, and not in funds.

    We believe loyalty is earned by looking out for everyone’s interests, not just your own.

  • Team & Advisors

    Michael Kosic, Partner

    Kamal Hassan, Partner

    Below are a few of our 100+ advisors.

    Adeo Ressi

    Founder & CEO

    Founder Institute

    Palo Alto, USA

    Andrea Poptsis


    Invictus Games

    Toronto, Canada

    Andrey Kessel



    Cambridge, UK

    Basile Cayatte

    Founder & CEO

    Innovargy Consulting

    Paris, France

    Ben Kosic

    President & CEO


    Toronto, Canada

    Boye Hartmann

    Founder & CEO

    Y Digital Group Asia

    Jakarta Indonesia

    Dr. Brian Lee

    Surgical Critical Care

    Medstar Washington Hospital Centre

    Washington DC, USA

    Brian Pasalich

    VP & Brokerage Director


    New York, USA

    Charles Nagy

    Co-Founder & CEO


    Ottawa, Canada

    Chris Kay


    Startup Boost

    Toronto, Canada

    Claudia Zeisberger

    Affiliate Professor of PE/VC



    Claire Harbour-Lyell


    Culture Pearl

    London, UK

    David Pauli

    Strategic Advisor

    CI Financial

    Toronto, Canada

    Dirk Müller-Dornieden

    Entrepreneur & Consultant

    MD Consulting

    Berlin, Germany

    Florian Bertele

    Product Manager


    Mountain View, USA

    François Paulus

    Founding Partner

    Breega Ventures

    Paris, France

    Gopi Rangan

    Founding Partner

    Sure Ventures

    San Francisco, USA

    Kole McRae

    Manager, Digital Strategy


    Toronto, Canada

    Mark Kuess

    President & Founder


    Toronto, Canada

    Marianne Costigan

    Venture Partner

    Merian Ventures

    London, UK

    Pedja Predin

    Global Expansion


    Oslo, Norway

    Raj Singh

    Managing Director

    Jetblue Ventures

    Palo Alto, USA

    Ray Hasan

    Corporate Strategy


    London, UK

    Theresa Laurico

    Founder & Producer

    SocialLight Conference

    Toronto, Canada

    Wendy Robertson


    to Multiple Startups

    Toronto, Canada

    Wesley Nelson


    Chatter Research

    Toronto, Canada

    Wylie Rogers

    President & CEO

    The Tantalus Group

    Vancouver, Canada