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Loyal welcomes Investors who have a global perspective and a desire for true diversification.

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Loyal welcomes Advisors who will find portoflo companies that can leverage their unique capabilities and form valuable relationships.

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Loyal welcomes Entrepreneurs who discover strength through a framework of loyalty, trust, teamwork and perseverance.

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How Loyal invests

How we invest

Gate Stage Process

A disciplined gate-stage process to identify and promote the investments and teams when they are ready

Global Ecosystem

A global ecosystem that reflects our extraordinary world view into markets and opportunities.

Tech and Impact

Tech and impact that focus on the important themes that accompany pace, traction and scale.

How Loyal operates

How we operate

Global Community of Advisors

Global community of advisors able to reach beyond borders and help founders navigate complex industries and decision making.

Remove Bias

Removing bias in access to qualifying programming, intake eligibility, and innovating to make progress fair, competitive and transparent.

Open-ended Flexibility

Open-ended flexibility is a difference-maker that enables investors and portfolio companies advantages for growth of all kinds.

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As VC funds adapt to evolving private capital markets, many investors are seeking more flexibility in their fund investments. This has led to growth in fund-level innovations like rolling funds, open-ended funds, and continuation funds. Join Kamal Hassan, founding partner of the open-ended Loyal fund, and Michel Geolier, CEO of fund software provider Betterfront, for a webinar on what this trend means for investors, how to evaluate open-ended funds, and which other innovations may be on the way as the VC space continues to evolve.

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