I am an Entrepreneur

Loyal is a global venture fund created with the entrepreneur's interest in mind. With a proprietary gate-stage process Loyal has a competitive portfolio where only 40% move to the next stage. Loyal's global community of 1000+ advisors supports a portfolio of 350+ companies in 60+ countries, you can search through our entire portfolio here.

If you are interested in learning more, watch our founder testimonialsand view our entrepreneur FAQ.

... and an INSEAD graduate

I have graduated from the INSEAD MBA, EMBA, or GEMBA program, I work full-time on my business and have been for at least four months, and I own 10% of the shares. If you match all criteria above you qualify for funding! Please note: we will require you to publicly state your commitment to your business.

Loyal is the biggest funder of INSEAD entrepreneurs, with 150+ INSEAD grads in the portfolio.

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...and a Founder Institute Graduate

Loyal works with Founder Institute chapters across the globe. Due to the high volume of entrepreneurs graduating each cohort we only consider a director's top choice from that chapter. The entrepreneur does not have to be from the most recently graduated cohort. 

If you are interested in Loyal funding please speak with your director for a referral. We hold bi-weekly “Ask Us Anything” sessions for entrepreneurs and FI directors, click here for more information

The Golden Key

Each LP invested in Loyal’s open-ended fund may confer a “golden key” upon a company within their network or portfolio. It is a powerful vote of confidence on the part of the investor, an endorsement of Loyal’s value to its portfolio companies, and a measure of trust in the relationship between the LPs and Loyal.

I don't fall under any of the categories

We are a bit of an unusual fund with very specific referral partners for all of our sourcing, so unfortunately, unless your startup is from these sources, it will fall outside of our mandate. The three are: Founder Institute – we fund selected graduates referred by their directors, INSEAD – we fund selected INSEAD graduates, after diligence calls with their network, and Investors in our fund can tell us how to allocate some of their investment.

In the longer term as our fund grows, we plan to be able to accept founders referred from additional sources, or someday even direct applicants. We can’t yet. If you don’t have one of the three referrers above, it doesn't make sense to discuss an initial investment. Wishing you and your startup all the best either way!

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