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**Partnerships: **Partnerships with industry leaders developed/in the pipeline given a shared commitment to tackling housing challenges: Canopy (access to creditworthy tenants, credit score building); Cushon (Lifetime ISA integration to boost savings by 25% + interest); Barratt Homes (up to 15% discounts on homes); Yapily + Hometrack (underwriting of customers and homes) **Plans:** Pipeline of 900+ customers (now growing by 50+ a day) and post fundraise will launch with 15 families (generating £275K ARR). Homes will be funded via debt + equity into an SPV, allowing us to be asset light/high gross margin with VC funding channelled into key areas: team expansion (current part-time growth lead + pinpointed Ops lead, senior SE and PM), tech + brand development + unrivalled customer experience from renting through to owning.

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Abode leverages technology, data, and partnerships to offer an alternative and affordable way for renters to become homeowners. We provide a flexible and transparent platform that allows renters to save for a deposit and benefit from market appreciation.
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Real estate debt / equity raising. B2C Marketing.

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