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Bluana's production processes achieve high moisture levels, resulting in improved taste and labeling that positively affects consumer perception. This advantage is protected by proprietary knowledge and intellectual property. Their shelf life is extended up to 12 months, an important benefit to consumers and protected by IP. Bluana prioritizes cost-effectiveness by using water content above 50% which positively impacts consumer perception of price and is supported by their proprietary technology. They achieve clean label products by using natural ingredients, improving consumer perception of labeling, also supported by their technology. In consumer testing with 1000 people, their products received an average rating above 4 out of 5 stars for taste, smell, look, and mouthfeel. Bluana values simplicity in products, providing short labels containing only necessary ingredients without unnecessary additives. Bluana's products have a water content of over 50%, making them healthy and refreshing, with a low solid content of less than 22%, ideal for people with dietary restrictions. They offer customized nutrient content and personalized filet options to meet clients' specific needs. Bluana's products have exceptional unit economics, providing high-profit margins and a strong return on investment for their clients.

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Bluana's artistry displayed, The best fish ever made!Our plant-based alternatives surpass traditional seafood in taste, nutrition, and sustainability. With patented technology, expertise, and strategic partnerships, we deliver high-quality, shelf-stable products.

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