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We launched in April 2023. Of the 52 restaurants and cafes we have pitched, 41 accepted to use our app for their loyalty programs (78% acceptance rate). We are currently giving them a 3-month free trial. On the consumer side, we have around 500 users redeeming offers for now.

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Our mobile app, Padash, enables restaurants and cafes to create and manage their loyalty programs in as fast as 10 minutes.
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We need help in:1. Digitizing our sales, including solutions we can use, pricing and experimenting with different packages, and best practices 2. Loyalty industry specialists: we need help from people who are experts in this industry, and know what to do and what to avoid. We need them to maximize our client retention and consumer engagement 3. UXUI experts: we know we have some issues in our customer journey and we want help from experts in how to improve user experience

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