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April metrics for the business: - Revenue: $7,000 (27% increase month on month) - Transactions: 3,700 (20% MoM increase) - Total Volume Disbursed: $175k (25% MoM increase) - Total number of enrolments on the platform: 4500 (21% MoM increase) - Average margin > 80% Since launching in Malaysia in Sep 2021, the team has: \- Signed 67,000 employees, a 6.5x growth over the last 6 months \- Achieved a 35% m.o.m growth in active users across the past 6 months with 80% repeat usage \- Signed circa 30 clients in the past 6 months, with key enterprise clients which include McDonalds, Starbucks, Valiram and KTM (National Railway) Since launching in Thailand in November 2022 \- Signed up the first 10 clients with 3,000 employees \- We have gone live with our first client in April 2023

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Payd is a financial wellbeing platform that is focused on democratising the paycheck and bringing financially inclusive products to low wage income earners across Southeast Asia.
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