Doing venture differently
at loyal vc, Respect is earned, trust is gained, and loyalty is returned

Massive Diversification to Reduce Risk








Address UN SDGs

Wide and welcoming networks


Loyal welcomes Investors who have a global perspective and a desire for true diversification.

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Loyal welcomes Advisors who will find portfolio companies that can leverage their unique capabilities and form valuable relationships.

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Loyal welcomes Entrepreneurs who discover strength through a framework of loyalty, trust, teamwork and perseverance.

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Doing Venture Differently

Unique Process

Multi-Year Investing Process

A disciplined gate-stage process to drive returns through deep diligence, to better identify and act on the best opportunities when they are ready.

Quarterly Semi-Liquidity

Making venture accessible to high net worth individuals who have sufficient wealth to invest, and still value flexibility and control over their money.

Impact to Drive Returns

Entrepreneurs who are motivated by the impact they have in the world are more resilient and able to deal with the inevitable obstacles.

Innovative Operations

Innovative Operations

Global Community of Advisors

Global community of advisors able to reach beyond borders and help founders navigate complex industries and decision making.

Reduce Bias

Reducing bias in access to qualifying programming, intake eligibility, and innovating to make progress fair, competitive and transparent.

Preferred Network Sourcing

By targeting two selected global networks, Loyal can become the funder of choice for the top entrepreneurs in those networks.

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Creation of new companies is very different than optimization of existing ones. Join Kamal Hassan, Managing Partner of Loyal, for this educational webinar on the different investment mindsets needed when discussing VC and PE.

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